Can an old dog learn new tricks?

Can an old dog learn new tricks?

I admit it. I'm an old dog, I like to stay on the porch. But I've still got a restless mind, always wanting to do new things, so my life seems to be on a constant learning curve. As a result, I am the proverbial jack of all know the rest. But does anyone ever completely master a subject?

So it goes with starting a blog. (That word...yuck). I am kindergarten, no, pre-school level. ABC, red, yellow, green... I don't want to learn the technical side of it. HTML code? Oh, heck no.

So I tried to hire some help for the technical side of it. I started working with a company to help me build a blog and do an illustration for me for another project. I went with a local business on the theory that we would be more compatible than someone random and faceless from Fiverr. Unfortunately, it has not turned out to be the best experience. They did do the bare bones of this site, and the most visible result of my money spent is the favicon. Which is a learning step, because I didn't know what a favicon was. See those two little stylized 'F's' to the left of the name in the search bar? That's my very own favicon, personal only to this site. They told me some other stuff they had done, apparently behind-the-scenes stuff. I'm still waiting, since February, and it is now May, for the illustration. All communication has ceased. I was a little casual about paperwork so I don't guess I have any recourse for satisfaction. More learning.

Branding. Every blog advice site says branding is important. Do I have a brand? I don't think I have a brand yet. So far it's still just that chaotic collection. But today I learned about tags. Tags will group posts into categories. That makes sense even to me. So I've tagged all my blog-starting posts as 'Starting a Blog - Tears, Trials and Tribulations. That's my accomplishment so far today.

Keep Learning!