Copper Fit Angel Sleeper

The Angel Sleeper's very weird contours looked stupid in an ordinary pillowcase.

Copper Fit Angel Sleeper
Photo by S L / Unsplash

The Copper Fit Angel Sleep memory foam contoured pillow. By the reviews, you either love it or hate it. I fall into the 'love it' category.

I'm plagued with neck problems, from compressed disks, old age, years of horse activity or any combination of the above, but whatever the reason, I was waking up with the most horrendous 'crick' from behind my right eye all the way down to my shoulder. The Edison Spine Center recognizes a crick in the neck as an 'imprecise term that describes a number of cervical or thoracic spine problems.' Imprecise or not, it hurt.

Looking for relief, I researched some sleep aids after seeing some My Pillow ads. I checked Mr. Lindell's pillows out at the local sleep store. They were firmly boxed up so I couldn't tell for sure, but it still just looked like any ordinary pillow. Pass for now. I tried a memory foam contoured slab pillow. The word slab was appropriate. No relief. I kept seeing the Copper Fit Angel Sleeper, but was it worth spending $40 on another useless pillow? I might have to just resign myself to waking with the neck pain, but it's sure not a good start to the day. Then there came a 50% off sale across my screen so I decided to give it a try.

The oddly shaped foam pillow arrived in a couple of days, along with instructions. Instructions? That's odd, what was there about a pillow that could require instructions? I've always just laid down and put them under my head. But the instructions say to use one side of the pillow if you're a side sleeper and the other side if you're a back sleeper. So, I can see problems already. I start out going to sleep on my side but wake up on my back. It's going to be quite tricky to flip the pillow from side position to back position at just the precise moment before I go to sleep.

Back-sleeper side or side-sleeper side?

With the anticipation of good things, I settled down for the night.

Really? It was a hard lump with the one difference of bigger lumps on either side that I tried hard to balance my head on in my usual going-to-sleep side position, telling myself it was comfortable. It wasn't. Maybe the back position. I flipped it over. Still felt the same except the little flared wings that were supposed to guarantee shoulder relief to side-sleepers were now on the bottom.

Sleep came for a while. Until I woke up in the middle of the night with my head still making one point of contact with the unforgiving piece of foam. I slung it to the floor in disgust and grabbed my old, grungy, real-feather-down pillow.

Waking, I slowly and painfully worked the kinks out of my neck as I glared at the offending pillow lying on the floor. I was further insulted when I made the bed and found that the Angel Sleeper's very weird contours looked stupid in an ordinary pillowcase and even stupider in the ordinary nest of plump, fluffy pillows that lined my headboard.

It's unproductive to hate an inanimate object, but I hated that pillow. Its very presence was an affront to my sensibilities.

But I had paid good money for it, and I felt behooved to give it more than one chance. Grudgingly, I settled down again the next night. Lo and behold, apparently its banishment had taught it a lesson, as it seemed minimally less uncomfortable. I decided that since I was a side sleeper at first, I would use the side sleeper side and let the back sleeper position sort itself out while I was sleeping. The Angel Sleeper cradled my head in its comforting lumps of foam and its little ridge gently supported my neck.

Wow! I woke up refreshed and pain-free. Maybe it was just a fluke. I continued to use the Copper Fit Angel Sleeper and now, like a child with their favorite blanket, it's my security and I won't go anywhere without it. Upon this writing, I have just made my first post-Covid airline flight. I always try to travel light and avoid the hassle of checked bags, but, while packing for this trip, the first item to be included in my carry-on was my trusty angel sleeper pillow. Everything else would just have to be stuffed in around it. When free baggage check was offered at the boarding gate, I chose to keep my suitcase bearing my pillow close at hand, dragging it through four gate changes before we were finally allowed to leave DFW.

I can't explain the drastic change in my opinion from the first night's use. One night's use wouldn't have made any difference but is it possible that over time, it became contoured to the personal shape of my head and accounts now for my security-blanket fixation to it? It is memory foam, after all. A pillow with AI.

I don't know if that is the case, but for me, personally, the Copper Fit Angel Sleeper has exponentially increased my quality of sleep and the chance of waking up pain-free. At least my neck. Other parts still have their share of aches and pains. Maybe I should try the other Copper Fit products. I need a whole wardrobe of them.